FCN Learning Lab

FCN Learning Lab We keep examining how our project is working and demonstrating its effect with many cases in different ways since August 2013. Therefore, we established FCN Learning Lab with 12 students on March 2017.

The FCN Learning Lab is the final goal of our education innovation. It is an alternative school model that has never done before. Keokuro Class Project let students actively participate in class. The World’s Biggest Class Project led students to connect the learning in class to the problem outside of the class. Also, it improved children’s skills to solve problems themselves.

The FCN learning Lab is different from the other alternative education foundations for public education. It has the form of boarding school and designs the curriculum for a year. All classes are following the way of Keokuro Class Project. It is a non-year system so that students who want to continue their learning with our system can participate.

FCN Learning Lab has 6 education themes:

  1. Focus on ‘HOW’ instead of ‘WHAT’ to learn
  2. Classes should be based on communication and collaboration.
  3. The core of learning is a collaboration project that solving a problem in the real world.
  4. Use all information, tools, and technology to develop problem-solving skills.
  5. No separation of grade
  6. All classes are based on The World’s Biggest Class Project to develop FCN’s education framework; creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and cognitive empathy.