Mission & Values

Teachers and children are not happy during school hours. Public education has been largely ignored by both the children and their parents. These are because they believe they do not obtain useful knowledge effectively through the current public education system. It only focuses on how to deliver knowledge to children and pays no attention to teach how to apply knowledge in the community. Thus, current public education provokes people to lose confidence in the education system without any alternatives for the future.

We noticed about this issue. Since our society is rapidly moving ahead and undergoing a drastic change, our education system should be changed to adapt its change. In order to do so, we considered how to support children who continuously face new challenges in society. Our first mission was design an education model, called “The World’s Biggest Class Project” that working on regardless of times and circumstances. We believe that the fundamental method of class delivery should first be questioned and a student-centered education approach is a good method that can be applied to public education.

Therefore, we tried to change class as facilitating acquired knowledge in brief time with various worksheets. After we changed the class, we observed various changes that children tried to have intimate relations and understand each other, and work together in class. Even, children showed a passion and inspirational attitude about learning and developed collaboration and communication skills.

Our goal is to empower children to develop skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking through The World’s Biggest Class project. In addition, to become a model in education from our project to be useful for future generation and any change in the world.

Our project was created by applying principles of “21st education Framework” by P21, “SOLE” by Sugata Mitra which involves “Hole in the Wall” experiment. Also, it was affected by educational philosophies such as Ashoka’s “changemaker” and Standford D-School’s “design thinking”. With those ideas, we established our educational frameworks.

We defined 5 competencies for the 21st century; creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and cognitive empathy. The skills would be required for The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the world in the future. Our project is based on our educational frameworks to develop and facilitate those skills. It would benefit to not only children, but communities to prepare for many new challenges in the world.

Who we are

  • Choi, Myeongsook Choi, Myeongsook CEO
    Middle School Teacher (1979~2018)
    Master Teacher (2011~2018)
    Professor at Daegu University.(2010~2018)
    I have always wanted to be a teacher with positive effect.

    To support innovative teacher is always joyful, it has been a great chance as a master teacher.

    Now I will build a impactful future class with FCN. And I am strongly sure this will fill my life up.
  • Jung, Chanpil Jung, Chanpil Secretary General
    ex)KBS Documentary Producer
    The Idea was this.
    Passionless class, Learning stragglers are not the problem from students, but the school. From here, the FCN hope starts.

    The hope that we can heal the class in short period.
    The hope that this change can affect teachers, parents, besides students.

    FCN has been realized the hope to solution. When all worries about the crisis of education, FCN is keep making hope.
  • Lee, Sungwon Lee, Sungwon Director
    Korean Teacher (1993 ~ )
    I was waiting for education changes for long. But the change had not happened. So I came out from school, in order to make the change from my hands.

    I am now drawing out my imaginations on real future school. This is interesting job, and I am enjoying all the experiment processes;
    researching, discussing, brainstorming.

    I want to invite all those who concerns about education today, and dream the brighter future together.
  • Kweon, Sungu Kweon, Sungu Teacher
    I am a Math teacher, helping students to meet real world through Math. Teaching is changemaking. Continuous experimenting, thinking, for real impact towards students' learning, and watching real developments of students are my joy. Majored Mathmatics and Counseling Psychology.
  • Kim, Gwangho Kim, GwanghoTeacher
    I have never imagined, the small attempt in highly competitive education, could be this huge and meaningful.
    I am contributing to FCN Learning Lab with bigger expectation. I am also Apple Distinguished Educator Asia-Pacific Advisory Board, TED-Ed Innovative Educator, National Geographic Educator.
  • Kim, Seon-su Kim, Seon-suTeacher
    Are we following happiness?
    What is we are just following fortune but happiness? I am on practicing to chase happiness, with my students through education, and make it as history.
  • Kim, Heejeong Kim, HeejeongTeacher
    I had never experienced a good educational system or met a good teacher. I decided to become one.
    I had changed my class from teacher-centered to learner-centered one, yet I got frustrated as I faced the limitation of educational system that is very passive and afraid of change.
    I joined FCN learning lab to redesign school environment from the scratch where learners can experience authentic learning and discover who they really are.
  • Wee, Jihye Wee, JihyeTeacher
    I dream the school where learning is active living action. As a teacher in FCN Learning Lab, I am designing different learning shapes.
  • Kim, Sanghoon Kim, SanghoonManager
    I am working here with joy. The belief that my talent and capability could be help to solve the social problem. Majored Design, and managing web service in FCN.
  • Lee, Donghwan Lee, DonghwanManager
    I believe good education is the process itself that children enjoying their learning.
    I film FCN education innovation in various angle and make it to the video contents.
  • Lee, Junghwee Lee, JunghweeDesigner
    We are changing education. It is great experience to a designer like me. I believe we can make a sensational change in education and I am very delight to be one of this team.
  • Jeung, Yumi Jeung, YumiManager
    Working for FCN, is huge.
    It means we are making great future together, and I am one of them. Used to work as a newspaper journalist, and now dealing with FCN multi-contents.
  • Jeun, Minseo Jeun, MinseoManager
    FCN is a non-profit organization, and it should be.
    As a manager in Management Support team, I am contributing to make this impact sustainable.