Future Class Network

Future Class Network (FCN)

Current educational crisis is ubiquitous around the world.
While societies as a whole have undergone the progression from the past industrial revolution to information technology breakthroughs, our education system has not been able to catch up with the rate and result of changes on human beings.

Granted that the current education system remains stagnant, it is indubitable that individuals and society's ability to survive, compete, and therefore evolve, will eventually deteriorate significantly, calling for a universally frightening warning.

On the other hand, this warning echoes the positive implications of disrupting education. Once schools begin to provide students with ”ability to survive in the real world” through education revolution, this will bring about a new cornerstone to our future, jam-packed with creativity. FCN sheds a light on educational crisis in South Korea from a global perspective, innovates actionable breakthroughs, and thereafter presents various global initiatives to paradigm shift in education to empower the youths.